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    Bobby Brown et Mike Tyson--Monster Mash モンスタ

    Dog Meat

    by Dog Meat

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    Bobby Brown and Mike Tyson singing Monster Mash

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    Because that it is release in 1962 that has become NO 1 of 8 weeks, bobby “[borisu]” Pickett sound recording of the origin to is only be active execution person who reaches “first 100” in three opportunities.

    Lenny sat down with the piano, futzing began from advance of the various 4 cords/codes, I stood in next door of the piano. It seems like me, Lenny was the principal fear cinemaddict from infancy period. He loved Bela Lugosi as Dracula. He especially me me feels the voice of [borisu] Karloff with reptrospect, rather, nailing, you receive you know that there was the production of cartoonish of voice of that splendid actor very really is in me something which. In any case, we were we “a little Darlin'", I song of voice of [borisu] was middle and monolog was sung, when I make the group, the audience how loved that, the both which were seen. The voice of Karloff is the story and depending upon us being the clearest one agreed. And was the story what?

    「よく」、提案されるLenny 「多分Frankensteinモンスターはべきであるダンスの貫入を始める」。

    “Well”, Lenny which is proposed “penetration of the dance where perhaps the Frankenstein monster should and is begun”.

    “That is!” I said.