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    Another Brick in the Wall Part I

    George Farmer

    by George Farmer

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    Alrighty... So I was going to post up Episode 4. I was pumped on the way home, ready to go. Then... Pink happened. "Another Brick in the Wall Part II" came on the radio.

    It reminded me on the spot of Zuko and the relationship with his father... And then I rememebered Part I and III.

    Lets just say it snowballed from there.

    Part one of a three part special. I'm back folks and I'll finish Episode 4 as soon as I can.

    ...And... I could explain this, but-- the imagery speaks for itself. Very little dialogue... because the Music mixed with the actions on screen speak for themselves.

    **Side Note: The game of "Chicken" with the rocks is the Water tribes Rite of Passage. Separates the men from the boys, but its usually done with Iceburgs. I'd prefer the Rocks myself, you sorta know what your dealing. Still though, Cards were stacked and Sokka did it on his own. As most of us have learned to do unfortunately...