Angle Makes Fun Of Boston and Chanllenge any champion


par Mohaned

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Angle Feels naked (dunno what the heel that means) and he issues a challenge to any champion and makes fun of Boston.

5 commentaires

the final joke is a classic one!!! go kurt go
Par Guy-Robert il y a 7 ans
shut up Cena fan!!!! what the fuck, how can you compare Angle to Cena!!

btw this promo is gold!! kurt puts it everytime he does it!!
Par Guy-Robert il y a 7 ans
lol cena wouldn't do shit, he's nothing compared to Angle.
Par bas ragen il y a 7 ans
cena is shite wtf
Par life_through_power il y a 7 ans
lol if cena was there back then he would of wooped his candy ass for insulting boston since it is his hometown
Par jaber il y a 7 ans