Missing Weapons of mass destruction


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MoveOn.org "MISSING" :30
Directed and Animated by PES
Copywriter: Michael Dean
Art Director: Michael Dean
Agency: Xxxxxx, XX
Music and Sound Design: Ken Brahmstedt/BWN
Produced by PES & Sarah Phelps

4 commentaires

Eh oui c'est pas facile d'imposer la démocracie après de si longues années de Moyen-Age...
Par Thomas il y a 8 ans
lol that's right USA are in a deep shit because of their stupidity!
Par Pereira Thomas il y a 8 ans
Too Bad Anti-American Liberals are not on the back of the milk carton, I'd buy milk by the case-load if Sin-dy Sheeman's pic was on the back of the carton, but the only way she'll dissapear is when move-on-over-to-the-left-so-we-can-all-support-radical-islamic-terrorists.org turns off the media spotlight and takes away her paychecks, what a loser psycho troll she is!
Par Curt K. il y a 9 ans


Par zulu il y a 9 ans