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    Atheist Delusion (Satire)


    por denoa100

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    Juan Ibanez
    this is hilarious
    Por Juan IbanezHace 3 semanas
    Ah ah ah, too funy. But to me, that doesn't hide the debility of atheists who don't even understand the reason behind religion and god. Atheist just focalise on the 'non existence of god' a sentence that doesn't actually mean anything and will never do. The fact is that, some clever people understand that the reason for these beliefs is for us to have some moral rules to insure our demographic survival. Something Dawkins and his friends do not really get, eventhough worldwide figures are extremely clear. So Richard Dawkins is just like a little child playing with fire and who will make everybody get burned sooner or later...
    Por nimportequoiHace 8 años
    keep on the good work:)
    Por lycanthisHace 8 años
    LOL... love your sarcasm!
    Por dazeloopHace 8 años