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    Bowie: Golden Years: Soul Train

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    Golden Years
    Soul Train

    Bowie: Golden Years: Soul Train
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    4 November 1975

    In 1975 Bowie was accorded the honour of being invited to perform on Soul Train. He used the opportunity to promote Golden Years and his first US no.1, Fame.


    Bowie: Hello.

    Bowie: , I would adore to answer them,

    Anchor: , after I obtain the my deaf-mute ones with the variation.

    Bowie: Ah, yes! I have some deaf-mute answers.

    Anchor: I understand that you have right fact a film?

    Bowie: Yes. The UM, the director of film are called Nicholas Roeg, who started outside as somebody that I did not know and did not finish to the top of as a friend to me. And it called the man who fell to the ground and it is a little like a history of Howard Hughes. But it is, it is kind from abroad. But it does not resemble a kind from abroad.

    Bowie: Ouais, but it is a person, but resembles to him with him.

    Bowie: Yes, I hope thus. We asked whether we can play in Russia.

    Anchor: Did other contemporary acts of music play in Russia, that which you know of?

    Bowie: Not.

    Anchor: Thus you will start in the United States and will probably circulate the world and among the countries…

    Bowie: … and end to the top in the United States still.

    Anchor: And end to the top in the United States still, fantastic. Let us see what we have here…

    Bowie: I make the sound track for the man who fell to the ground (laughter) with a friend to me, Paul Bushmaster.

    Bowie: Not. (laughter)

    Bowie: (laughter) UM… entering it? Well, behind in England you see… when I was fine of support jumping of teenager one 'which you know…