Dancing Elephants

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Elephants play a vital role in Indian society, as they are used for both agricultural tasks and religious ceremonies. Asian elephants are distinct from their larger and more aggressive African relatives: They have smaller tusks, an arched back, smaller ears, and a rounded, double-lobed forehead. Distributed by TubeMogul.

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ja,ja,ja,que bueno, como se mueve el elefante.
By platero 6 years ago
it doesnt seem like they're dancing, there might have been just some flyes around his head.
By gaku 6 years ago
jtrOuve pa ke c spectaculaiire seriieu mm ma chiienne peu lfeiir xD
By lamiss11 7 years ago
moi aussi je pense que c'est plutot un tic
By Gamin03 7 years ago
Zhorse... Tsss...

Sinon pour l' éléphant je suis séptique... Je pense surtout à un tic d' ennui...

Dans tous les cas, vivre en captivité, d' autant plus si tout seul, n' est absolument pas naturel pour lui...
By Emeline Hussenet 7 years ago
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