Hulk Hogan enters the Dungeon of Doom


by Stinger1981

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Maybe he means the cartoonish booking of Hornswoggle, where he is painting holes in the wall and going through them, I dunno.
By Stinger1981 8 years ago
Just curious, How did the WWE implement this idea last year?
By sanddune50 8 years ago
Wow. I see where the WWE stole ideas for all of 2007. Please keep downloading this stuff. It is great!!
By gordon joseph 8 years ago
thankyou stinger! keep uploading the great stuff.
By bobbyklump 8 years ago
The large man sitting in the chair is Curtis Iakea, he was in the WWF briefly in 86 managing Kamala alongside Kimchee, and I think they were leaning towards Giant vs. Vader, but Vader got into a fight with Paul Orndorff and was shortly fired after this.
By Stinger1981 8 years ago
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