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    Bike on Cable


    oleh infomovie07

    512 tontonan
    that is really really amazing stunt.....

    Power and control cables used in a firestop test assembly. The greater the copper conductor cross sectional area, the more heat is conducted to the unexposed side of the assembly. A cable is one, two or more wires or optical fibers bound together, typically in a common protective jacket or sheath. The individual wires or fibers inside the jacket may be covered or insulated. Combination cables may contain both electrical wires and optical fibers. Electrical wire is usually copper because of its excellent conductivity, but aluminum is sometimes used because it costs less.Bundling the conductors and eliminating multi-layers ensures a uniform bend radius across each conductor. Pulling and compressing forces balance one another around the high-tensile center cord that provides the necessary inner stability. As a result the cable core remains stable even under maximum bending stress.