Dean Martin Tribute


par F.C.

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the 50`s - 60`s - 70`s its time was ~~~~~~ fantastic video thx
Par Willi WILLI Il y a 7 ans
Thank you bronxboy.
Par F.C. Il y a 7 ans
As a fan of this guy, you did an absolutely amazing job. It's nice to know that there are people still out there who have a quality taste in music and entertainers.
Par bronxboy1952 Il y a 7 ans
Aww, that's a very lovely great video..sad..thanks for sharing!
Par iluvcorona77 Il y a 8 ans
Beautifully done. He was a beautiful,funny,wonderful man. The "King of Cool" and you captured all his different sides.
Par deanlover Il y a 8 ans