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    The Rock & Undertaker Segment

    Kaz Da Gr8 1

    by Kaz Da Gr8 1

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    Eric Church
    heidisand35 please STFU with your stone cold cock sucking the rock was not scared of undertaker dumbass he was selling taker's promo he was listening like a pro unlike stupidass cena who just smiles like a little jackass when the rock or anybody else talked trash to him and btw how in the hell can u be a fan of a bald headed beer drinking badass like stone cold and hate the rock but also be a fan of the most untalented unathletic no mic skills biggest piece of dogshit in wrestling history like john stupidass cena plz explain tht to me
    By Eric Church2 years ago
    In a situation like this, Austin 3:16 would said something to Undertaker or he would started to raise hell, or he would do something, i don't know he would walk from corner to corner of the ring, but, certainly he wouldn't stay there in the middle of the ring like a scary chicken, and doing or saying absolutely NOTHING. Rock even didn't move a mm. He was obviously afraid of Undertaker. That makes Austin, even today, better than Rock and larger than life. Rock is just a punk comparing with Austin. Stone Cold Steve Austin is the toughest SOB in WWE even today. Bottom line.
    By heidisand353 years ago
    no he isnt

    audio is cooll toooo

    i want unertaker to retrun as a badass

    but he reutnered as deamada
    By ibti117 years ago
    kazdagr81 is known for uploading great videos with very crappy audio. sorry kaz.
    By Matt8 years ago
    Mary-Jane Rottencrotch??!!!!
    By Breadfruit8 years ago
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