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    Unsung Hero


    by PaRaDoX

    Is a high energy Rock/Aggressive Indie Band based out of Kent, England.
    This UK Band includes:
    Iain Ogburn - Vocals
    Phil Brown - Guitar
    Bex (Richard Beckwith) - Bass
    Woody - Drums

    PaRaDoX has the reputation for dynamic and energetic shows.
    They are a first class live act!
    Their music is passionate, powerful and high energy.
    They currently tour throughout Europe and have created a buzz. This talented act is fast becoming a "must see" band!

    Their influences include many high energy rock bands:
    The Who, Nirvana, The Sex Pistols, The Jam, Public Image Ltd.
    & Green Day, to name a few.

    To a Swiss record company and released their debut album
    Silently Screaming, 2005.
    They reformed in 2013, after a 6 year break.

    High Points
    PaRaDoX was signed to a Swiss record company and released their debut album 'Silently Screaming' in 2005. Paradox reformed after a 6 year break in 2013.

    PaRaDoX will be releasing their new album late 2014. Currently signed to digital distribution company - AWAL, sharing the roster such acts as
    The Cranberries, Travis and The Arctic Monkeys.

    PaRaDoX has gained local media attention. This includes many local radio stations across Kent; as well as enjoying radio coverage in Europe and the USA.