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    Prank the Cop


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    he got caught....

    A cop is a word used to describe Constables, Sheriffs, Police, Prison Guards and other Law Enforcement Officers. The usage of the word cop to refer to law enforcement is derived from the verb cop, which means to take or seize The term is derived from the similar and linked word coppice. Most woodlands which have copse as a part of their name were probably coppiced once, but this does not mean that the practice continues today, as it was once a lot more popular than it is now. As coppicing was mostly practiced in lowland England, this is the area where use of the word is most common.However, the word has entered the language as a term simply meaning a small woodland, and perhaps implying some rustic overtones, and so it is occasionally given to new woodlands or applied to areas which have no connection with coppicing.