UFO China

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camara never tryed to follow the ufo when it blasted off.
By edwardinho713 5 years ago
4 stars cause i like the visual effect (the little lights before it vanish). but what diogene mentionned is a fact that cant be left aside. unless it is a technology using quantum physic theory, high speed acceleration would cause disturbance in the surrounding air and some very high heat recoil. some kind of summer heat blur should be there to proove the high speed acceleration.
By Samholy69 7 years ago
Passez la disparition de l'ovni image par image, aucune trace ni physique ni optique lors suite à la disparition. Or tout appareil d'acquisition vidéo aurait gardé une rémanence de l'illumination de l'appareil. Il s'agit donc d'une incrustation vidéo.
By DiogeneSynope 7 years ago