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    Supagroup - What's Your Problem Now


    by jj3000

    Merovingian Music will release the new album from Supagroup titled Fire For Hire on September 25, 2007.

    The new release is as unapologetic as anything in Supagroup’s history. Shamelessly bowing before the altar of the rock and roll heroes that came before them, Fire For Hire explodes from a tight-fisted, rhythm-and-blues fused core. From the racing guitars and mindless release of opener “What’s Your Problem Now?” to the thunder-struck bottom end of the title track “Fire for Hire” and the pummeling fevered pitch of the closing “Roll In Smokin’,” the 12-track album offers more than its share of hard-rock indulgences. Says Benji Lee, the group’s guitarist, "The last record (Rules) was about being on the road and the constant party that comes with it. This record is like waking up the next morning with a headache, thinking, 'what did I do last night? ...and where are my pants?'"