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    Election Battleground, Worldview and Up Front

    Mike Rouse

    by Mike Rouse

    1. Election Battleground: Essex - It's big but can one party dominate it? 2. Election Battleground - Are the West Midlands a vital area for political parties? 3. What's the prognosis of Pakistan's unrest ahead of elections? 4. Are supermarkets and celebrities to blame for binge drinking?

    Clip 1. To give you a flavour of the kind of detail Iain and Robert Waller get into during our Election Battleground series, check out this clip of them discussing Essex. It has both wealth and poverty but which party can gain there in the next General Election?
    Clip 2. In Election Battleground, the show that examines the constituencies in the different regions of the UK including boundary changes ahead of the next election, Iain and author Robert Waller discuss the West Midlands. It's often touted as a key target for all three parties - is that true and what individual characteristics does it have?
    Clip 3. Worldview examines a country that celebrated 60 years' of independence this week. How much of a mistake was it for President Musharraf to dismiss the Chief Justice and will the country move towards democracy or the opposite?
    Clip 4. In Up Front, the panel debate Home Office Junior Minister Meg Hillier's comments that supermarkets and drunken celebs must share a large amount of the blame for our binge drinking culture. Has she hit the target or is this a desperate ploy to hide the Government's responsibility?