Hulk Hogan/Bob Backlund vs. Mr.Fuji/Tiger Chung Lee

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Hulk Hogan/Bob Backlund vs. Tiger Chung Lee/Mr.Fuji, from WWE All Star-Wrestling, January 1984.


Yeah he was Hulk Hogan.. Sterling Golden was a few years before this. And I agree that this must have killed Backlund.
By Greg8550 4 years ago
He was definitely Hulk Hogan here.
By Stinger1981 5 years ago
I remember watching this off of a torrent from classics. Doesn't this package have him as Sterling Golden? I can't remember because I deleted the videos lol. Didn't feel like uploading him
By idimegra 5 years ago
Damn!, there's that annoying Ring Announcer again. I just lost interest in this now.
By Unknown.. 5 years ago
une legende de la wwe enfin wwf mr.fuji
By jnfug 6 years ago