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    Courage, n'ayez pas peur !


    par LeSemeur

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    Sapho de Mythilene
    Hello eoin7 Actually i'm a dyke and I'm assumed. I do't know who you are and what you live but please.... Don't listen this boy , he seems to be nice and smart but He want just to convert you.He wants that you are that you're not. In internet, lots of people will accept your homosexuality or bisexuality. You can talking with them, but please don't speak with the man, he is DANGEROUS very DANGEROUS. Ps: I'm sorri, I'm french so I doesn't know well to write english Bye
    Par Sapho de MythileneIl y a 9 ans
    I feel concerned... thank you
    Par eoin7Il y a 9 ans
    Thanks a lot for giving us courage!
    I'm a girl and part of these people who feel sometimes atracted by people who have the same sexe. I've been talking about this with friends but they seem not really to understand. I think I've only to wait until I'm ready for receiving love from someone, then I will know what I am -straight or homo.
    Par eoin7Il y a 9 ans
    Trotobas PARSY
    toujurs aussi allumé, c'est lascientologie qui nous l'envoie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Par Trotobas PARSYIl y a 9 ans