Dub Piece DVD Trailer


by Throes

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From the collaborative minds of Sanjiscool and myself, comes a trailer of EPIC proportions.

One Piece (c) Original Author: Eiichiro Oda. Produced by Toei Animation Co. Thankfully licensed for U.S. distribution by FUNimation. Footage used without permission, so FUCK YOU.

Upped to DailyMotion for higher quality. Also YouTube sucks, more like NO U Tube anyways, amirite?


By jona2286 7 years ago
...... LOLOLOLOL!!! After every single pause I rofled like crazy. This is really funny. xD
By StrawHatMiss 7 years ago
He has a Veoh account where he's been uploading the videos. So Veoh.
By Throes 8 years ago
do u have any idea where Sanjiscool is gonna post his videos next?
By Genzboy 8 years ago
You do realize I am collaborating with Steve on this project. Hell, I made the video, he just did the replacement voices.
By Throes 8 years ago
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