REC Room - Inspectah Deck

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par BobbyRZA

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Rec room inspectah deck

11 commentaires

Putain trop fort mais impossible de retrouver ce clip !
Par Brownsugar18 il y a 6 ans
toujours aussi lourd!
Par issadu91 il y a 6 ans
Par Théo il y a 7 ans
Désolé pour le dégroupement de la song...Commencez tous par là où il dit Killah Hills,Killah Killah Hills... Peace to all my Wu Fans Peace to all y'all!!
Par Micahel il y a 7 ans
leedin occurs to your photo Thoughts brought forth as wild as up north It's bloodsport, get rushed for tough talk But I hold my ground like it's high noon While police tapes surround the mic room I jump on a live tune, provide the boom Those who consume become faint from the fumes [Chorus to fade] *freestyle outro* [Inspectah Deck] Yeah yo yea yo I hit Medina, hand cock in Evergreen and trees Got me leanin in the seven seater Dope for street sweaper Shoot my gift like a 3 pointer Urban peace disturbin, warmin with the C-Cyphers I black lotus ignite with high voltage Diagonis, high dosage of *scratch*
Par Micahel il y a 7 ans
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