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    Camp Meeting Blues- Peruna Jazzmen

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Camp Meeting Blues - Peruna Jazzmen 1988

    For all your jazz purists it must be like a dream coming true. Here is a band from Denmark known to many jazz fans throughout the world who are able to succesfully interpret the earliest sounds of jazz as recorded by Louis Armstrong and King Oliver’s Jazz Band in 1923.

    In the beginning of this clip I edited in a few bars of the original Oliver recording continued with the Peruna’s interpretation of Camp Meeting Blues.

    Of course these musicians have heard the original recordings many times, but they play it with the feeling of it, without actually reading transcribed notes. This makes a true jazz artist. Totally impressive and amazing.
    To think that Arne Hoejberg and his band started in 1959, with the last band members joining some 15 years later in 1974, and 33 years later in 2007 are stylistically still playing the same is quite an unique situation. Almost a life time of dedication to the roots of early jazz.
    Bravo Peruna Jazzmen!