Apartment wrestling Contest II - preview

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Apartment wrestling contest II

To satisfy the wishes and many inquiries from our customers, we have produced Apartment Wrestling Contest II. We have also reflected on our origins (after we had a lot of criticism after our Mannheim - productions), so this time we return to our roots, young, ambitious fighters in a hot, 90-minute production packed with action. Watch 6 sporty fighters divided into two teams agreeing to fight 6 exciting and hard submission contests. Jay is present again and finds himself right at the beginning against Pedro who has in the interim (thanks to the gym) has developed very well physically. It does not surprise us that against the well trained Jay we see a heavy contest. Next Robert and Shorty fight. they fight to exhaustion and show no mercy. We were also surprised by Lukas who makes a brilliant figure against Slavek in the third fight of this tournament. The small Lukas seems to become stronger and stronger and he is more confident from match to match. Lukas must line up later against Robert and in this fight he shows in absorbing scenes what he can do. In this production we leave the young men free to fight and have predetermined nothing. You can easily see that they fight hard for victory and fame and often use unfair tricks to defeat their opponent. Friends of Wedgies, Ballgrabs, Punches and Scissors will be pleased.
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i still want to see them wrestling nude..
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