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    by makdafi

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    WCWRULES4LYF great comments the only other thing I would add in to that is that at that time WCW was the biggest stage and nobody knew that this match would help spark a whole new era of superstars that would take the WWF/E to where it is now so when Bret made his choice he had no idea this was going to happen
    By Safegaurd6 years ago
    tank_dogg06, i can see it from both sides. Bret was promised a contract from Vince and Vince said he couldn't pay him, so Bret left for the WCW where he knew he could get guaranteed money. Bret had already been in the wrestling business for 20 years with very few breaks in between and felt he was owed a huge money deal. Wouldn't you? Since he had been in the WWF for 12-13 years, he should have trusted Vince to treat him right on his way out and agreed to do the job regardless of who he was jobbing to even with creative control in his contract. And thirdly, Vince had used the WCW title on TV before, been screwed before when Madusa dropped the WWF womens belt in the garbage on WCW TV, and feared that all he would need is somebody to take his WWF title belt over to WCW and that would end his company.

    You have to look at this situation from both sides because it's not all Bret's fault, but it's not all Vince's fault either.
    By WCWRULES4LYF6 years ago
    Also, Bret was jumping ship to WCW anyways. Vince was right when he said Bret screwed Bret.

    He thought he was bigger than the business. He was the highest paid wrestler on the Roster at the time and it still wasn't enough.

    By tank_dogg067 years ago
    Bret Hart lived off his family name, He was probably the most overrated wrestler of the 90's. He would of been nothing if it wasn't for is dad.

    I'd love to see any of you fucks even move with a broken back let alone wrestle.

    By tank_dogg067 years ago
    well 2 d one below, u think this gud match is stinking n yet u hav Cena's picture on hu every1 knows cant wrestle, n 2 every1 arguing over HBK n Bret pls dnt try 2 b emotional wen it cums 2 debating things lyk dis, now if u face facts HBK is no doubt one of the gr8est in ring performers bt every 1 knws he has been a bad player of backstage politics early on in his career, moreover he has himself admitted dat he knew bout d Screwjob, im nt taking anything away 4m his wrestling career bt he hasnt been totallly honest n u all knw it!!!
    By bilal5127 years ago
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