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    RRSat and Ch-10 at World cup.

    Gally Rez

    by Gally Rez

    RRSat Global Communications Network a provider of Uplink, Downlink and Turnaround services.
    RRSat is a leading provider of Uplink, Downlink, Turnaround and Playout services, providing end-to-end transmission for TV, Radio and Data channels.
    RRSat also offers production services to the global satellite broadcasting industry including channel distribution & backhaul services, SNG, sports feeds and other occasional feed services.
    RRSat's teleport has several fully equipped Playout centers, production support, and various value added services that provides the customer with the complete solution.
    RRSat provides global satellite distribution services via the most advanced digital MCPC platforms to more than 385 television and Radio channels, covering more than 150 countries