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    The Small Laser Power


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    what happen if the the laser 10 time bigger....

    As in other diodes, when this structure is forward biased, holes from the p-region are injected into the n-region, where electrons are the majority carrier. Similarly, electrons from the n-region are injected into the p-region, where holes are the majority carrier. When an electron and a hole are present in the same region, they may recombine by spontaneous emission—that is, the electron may re-occupy the energy state of the hole, emitting a photon with energy equal to the difference between the electron and hole states involved. These injected electrons and holes represent the injection current of the diode, and spontaneous emission gives the laser diode below lasing threshold similar properties to an LED. Spontaneous emission is necessary to initiate laser oscillation, but it is a source of inefficiency once the laser is oscillating.