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    Anal Sex - How to Make Her REALLY Want It


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    Ask Dan & Jennifer

    by Ask Dan & Jennifer

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    [:- incredible fantastic
    By DanceGirlXX5 years ago
    Esłẵm StandBy
    By Esłẵm StandBy5 years ago
    #, still jazzy
    By XHotGirlHotX5 years ago
    People are so fucking stupid and taken in by the media programming today its depressing. I bet those two didn't know that anal sex weakens the anal sphincter. That pucker is what prevents anal leakage. Ask any anal sex pornstar that's been at it for long enough. Ask Dr. Drew. Ask Sasha Grey. Ask a proctologist.

    What's wrong with her pussy? Those two people are morons, teaching morons how to be bigger morons.
    By OldKrypton5 years ago
    how to make a cop not give you a ticket for speeding. Prepare a box of a dozen fresh donkin donuts and say here fetch and watch them drool over it while you sped off to the sunset.
    By emmawilson5 years ago
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