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    Piper's Pit w/Dream Team and British Bulldogs


    by Stinger1981

    3 292 views


    I always found it random as hell that WWE put Lou Albano with the British Bulldogs!
    By Tom_868 years ago
    Well, thanks for taking the time to get back to me. Keep those videos coming! You have been keeping me entertained at my night job ever since I discovered your channel! The randomness of your videos is what is intriging me the most. Oh yeah, do you have a myspace?
    By Hammerhead3168 years ago
    I wish I could be of help, I had someone do it for me, he converted the stuff from VHS to DVD, and sends me the DVD's and I upload them to my computer.
    By Stinger19818 years ago
    Hey Stinger, I have over 300 VHS tapes of Wrestling history from the 80's til today. Can you tell me what programs/equipment you use to transfer your videos to your PC? I'd love to get some of my videos up here. Thanks. E-mail is if you wanna get back to me.
    By Hammerhead3168 years ago