Alex Wright vs. Jean-Paul Levesque (HHH)

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Alex Wright vs. Jean-Paul Levesque (Triple-H) at Starrcade 1994


It'd be something if the WWE had Alex Wright show up on an episode of Smackdown as the one opponent Triple H never beat.
By Skye Reynolds 5 years ago
Alex Wright is not a bad wrestle i thouht if they belt him right he could of been world champion at some point
By Craig Gautrey 6 years ago
Triple H lol
By Jenafella56 6 years ago
I just don't get some of your comments guys... I mean those like 'Cena sucks, Triple H rules!' All of top dogs in WWE, whether on Raw or Smackdown, are limited to use 4-5 moves in a match and the very matches are boring and predictable. BUT, they are great performers, they have superb on-mike skills and they ARE the whole freakin' show! So, Triple H won't do dropkicks nowadays because he brings the company a lot of income and they can't afford to have him injured again. It's a business... And finally, Triple H is now a veteran and I'm sure he's gonna be great promoter/wrestling trainer after he retire. Maybe even V.K.McMahon's successor...
By bruttobello 6 years ago
Despite the experience Triple H has and deserves, he still is at his prime thus far.
By jlog3000 6 years ago
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