TH in Moskau - backstage

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by Monika

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> english translation<
At the airport:

Bill: „ Let`s go in the airplane and to Moscow…“

airport-worker: “Congratulations! This is British Airways. (to Georg:) Is that your name?”

Georg: “ No, that is not my name!”.

Bill: “How?.... wrong written?”

Georg: “There is written Gustav Listing.”

Gustav: “My name is now Georg Schäfer!”

Bill laughs to death.

Tom: „With my photo in the hand…“

In the airplane:

Gustav: „ I`m looking forward to it. Sold out concert!”

Georg: „That is a very modern machine. We`ve just heard – it`s 25 years old and will be next month out of work.”


Tom:“25 years – will be next month out of work!“

Bill again:“Nooo!“

In the hotel:

Bill: „Oh my good!“ He sings:“ Snow is falling……..all around me………children playing”.

Georg: “Back to the hotel!”

In an interview:

Tom shows a poster of Georg and says: “Nice photo!” Everybody is laughing.

At radio-station:

Bill:”Hey, here is Tokio Hotel and were are happy beeing here in Moscow.”

Bill to the radio-moderator: “You can ask us everything. Whether you will get an answer, is another thing.


jadoreu tro ste video!!!
jador comen bill i di "moscow" xD
vive tokio hotel!!!!!!
By misskaulitzth483 7 years ago
Trop bien cette vidéo ! Tu l'as eu ou ?
By psykadelika 7 years ago
Tu l'as u ou?????? tro bi1 mé ta pa la traduction ????
By chevalargnt 7 years ago