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    Bret Hart WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony


    par Shimay

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    Truth Hurts
    Lol. What a dipshit. His ex wife Julie was the one by his side after the stroke. Not some Italian bimbo his daughters age. Then he goes and says that shit at the end just to stab at Julie. Julie put up with this arrogant crybaby for years. His cheating and emotional, physical and psychological abuse. He's a shitty father as well. Bret the Shitman Hart.
    Par Truth HurtsL'année dernière
    Man gotta love austin and Fuck hogan
    Par U-F-CIl y a 7 ans
    Can never really get bored of Bret Hart matches, even though i hate wwe today and pretty much wreslting to me died 2003-2006
    Par U-F-CIl y a 7 ans
    Loynsie, if you read Bret Hart's book he said he was willing to put HBK over at SS '97 and even told HBK that, but HBK responded that he wouldnt do the same for Bret if he were in Bret's position. After that Bret figured why do HBK a favor and he was probably right. Vince was just paranoid that Bret would take the belt on WCW TV which Bret Hart never would have done because he had too much respect for the business and Vinnie Mac.
    Par Lou_82Il y a 7 ans
    The best there is ...
    The best there was ...
    And the best there ever will be !
    Par ArpysIl y a 7 ans
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