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    bi-I do (in the end of his live show)


    bởi duongquynhan

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    and well hey
    which country are you living now?
    i still living in hanoi- my home town
    my email is
    if you have time mail me
    Bởi duongquynhanCách đây 10 năm
    oh you come from ha noi???
    i'm so glad that you are
    i live in hanoi too
    what is your name?
    my name is AN?
    and u?
    oh my gosh
    so glad to meet u
    and thnk you so much for your comment
    well when you see this comment answer it ok?
    Bởi duongquynhanCách đây 10 năm
    Movieaddict123 cutie
    Hi, thank for sharing, i lived in vietnami in 5 years ago so i´m very glad to see some one who also comes from vietnam and also in the same city that i lived (hanoi). I hearded that bi came to vietnam is that truth? wow you guys are so lucky.
    Bởi Movieaddict123 cutieCách đây 10 năm