The Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki

John Smith
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09/08/1945 Codename "Fat-Man, the 2nd and last nuclear weapon to be used in combat. The weapon at 11:02 local time 500 meters above the city with a yield equivalent to 21,000 tons of TNT.


the technology has given us nothing but distruction everywhere
say what if medicines have been made tell me what brought the deseas both are generation of Fu*** technology,
i mean no peace anywhere as more as we call our self civilized we are getting hatered by each other in every sence, religion, wealth, technology
hell hell hell hell
i love the animals in this sence they are not in a bad of any one.
By Naeem Hassan 5 years ago
i hate america for this
By mehmoodrec 6 years ago
if the world could always remember what wepons could do to humanity we will live in peace always and learn to love each other.
By dina_22d 6 years ago
quelle horreur...
By Sven 6 years ago