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    Palestinian Christians suffer from Zionism



    sorry i just noticed the caption, Palestinian christian suffer from Israelis funny...

    here is the interview:

    instead of this Palestinian propoganda.
    By Israel-is8 years ago
    sure we are not equals, we pay taxes we build create
    you dont but you use all our services
    and instead of building your own education, health industry etc...

    you develop your national product terror...

    though all the history israel was the only one who take care of palestinians, not under jordan or egypr occupation or after that they got so much freedom help and support.

    now since 15 years ago when understood that Palestinians know only one way like in 1948 they prefer violence in stead of coexistence and peace.

    so know that we try to cut them off they start to cry about it.
    how about instead of sending kids to summer camps to training how to "kill jews" you send them to school.
    or instead of building rockets and weapons tunnels build industry or instead of smuggling bombs in ambulances build better hospitals
    By Israel-is8 years ago