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    Purple Ribbon Allstars feat Big Boi - Kryptonite


    by sofresh305

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    Rich Mundo
    Big Up Kelly Clarkson, Big Up Big Mamma J Cool, Im off the edge, cause Aint no Sugar on My Hill, Just that Hill, A Town, Like Antwan and Benji, Best Be leave give a dog a bone, and he will leave u Like Mountains in Rome, I dont gotta do it twice, I say Im G T, Not Georgia Tech, thats Georgia Tex, So Call Me JJ, naaaaw not Obama, Jerry Jones, Straight Cabellero, standing tall, back never been broke, so yall can climb that Mountain, I be Loving Colombia Women who Ride Harleys, and Thats Barranquilla not South Carolina, Worldwide Hustler Like Austin While Ghostface was caking and telling her she had that Power U, Im like its just Pussy or Cuttup to me lil buddy, Yall praising pussy like its God, Pick It Up, Drop it Down, But not Like Snoop or Uncle Luke, Cuz we Do Love them Girls, But when they acting stank, we so we so fresh and clean, so U cant steal my glean, Green Light like a Legend, but I aint Vunerable, Drinking Good Like Badu, But Smoking Like Suge, Spitting Like a Clampett, Who?
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago
    So am I ! ;p
    By sofresh3058 years ago
    Casey Nova la Legende
    im on it
    By Casey Nova la Legende8 years ago