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    The Magic Flute, Luis Espindola, Jazz Band

    Luis Espindola

    by Luis Espindola

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    Just for your information, the person that is playing the magic flute is Jesus Caunedo
    By Cleo4u5 years ago
    I am hearing the name Luis Espindola for the first time, as I am not from the Spanish speaking Americas so can anyone out there enlighten me on a few points?
    I associate the 'magic flute' of Luis Espindola wth the type of flute featured specifically in Cuban music which I used to hear as a child in the Caribbean. I later came to the conclusion that this flute must have been specially made as the pitch seems higher than a conventional flute. However looking at the video, Espindola's flute looks a standard size. As it has a pitch similar to a piccolo, though with a wider range, I thought that it would be a size between a piccolo and a standard flute.

    Whatever the answer, this flute has a unique quality and Luis Espindola and absolute master of the instrument, and maybe more effort ougt to be made to popularise this instrumnet and publicise its availability outside Cuba or wherever it's used nowadays

    By Toelee6 years ago