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    The Utena Dub - Episode One: The Rose Bitch-- I mean, Bride!

    Naji Minkin

    by Naji Minkin

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    As a Michael Jackson fan, I cringe at this video.

    ...but as someone who appreciates terrible, offensive humour, I applaud this video. xD

    So half of me is rolling on the floor laughing while the other half disapproves of all the MJ-bashing. xD
    Still, funny!!
    By juriarisugawa6 years ago
    rian simonse
    geen opmerking
    By rian simonse6 years ago
    Johny Bravo
    hey u could put the original version too
    By Johny Bravo7 years ago
    lol go M.J. for keepin it real!
    By notalone3457 years ago
    lawl XD never noticed tougas S&M comment before XD probably one of the best things Ive heard come out of his mouth XD lawl also, what song did u use during the photo of saionji with a fundoshi on?
    By meramerawolf2428 years ago
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