K-1 Hong Kong - Musashi vs Yong Soo Park


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Musashi is a great fighter.. 79 Fights, that has to mean something. All you people are fans of fighters who win.. when your favorite fighters loses, you become fan of the guy who defeated him THAT SUCKS! musashi is a great fighter and none of you haters could take such a shot to the nuts
Par SalvadorRuben il y a 7 ans
Bien joué mushashi
Par Carlo_13 il y a 7 ans
Musashi a deja perdu des combats a cause de coups dans les couilles.

franchement faut pas dire que c'est un looser si le coup donné est au couilles
Par nakamura-kenji_the_24 il y a 7 ans
Well done Musashi.
Par Colargol Ours il y a 7 ans
GR8 kick in the balls! The fight should not have been suspended and resumed later. Musashi should have lost. And that girl sounded like she was having multiple orgasms.
Par Diesel67 il y a 7 ans
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