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    Mario and Mama Luigi vs. Mephiles' Retarded Revenge


    by Pikawil

    3 083 views
    After being erased from the timeline of the Sonic universe, Mephiles has managed to reach Mario's world! Regrouping many of the worst villains in the universe, he's now making sure that everyone's brains will rot (Yes, including YOU!) by unleashing major chaos and stupidity upon the multiverse and sadistically laughing at his sadistic acts! And the prophecies that Zelda and the King of Hyrule laugh at thrice say that only Mario can defeat Mephiles. Can the plumber and his good ol' bro Mama Luigi defeat the demon before he can cause more random explosions? Can your brain survive his 10 and a half minutes onslaught in the battle between good and evil that shall end all battles between good and evil? Stay tuned!