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    DIY Oil Change Honda Civic Si 2006


    by HCSi

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    Jeff Florian
    [QUOTE=ownnij;8475163]o m g... the most retarded oil filter location lol i have a accord with a k24 and the oil filter is right under the car. so i was under my si for the first time looking for the filter and was like whaaaa.... where the hell is this thing! lol makes me want to get a filter relocation kit.[/QUOTE]

    WOW!!!!!!!!! I totally agree. I have owned 8 Hondas and this will be my last. Absolutely the worst design engineering I have seen. I have been changing my own oil for 30 years on a few dozen cars, sometimes I take it in and have others do it when I don't have time. Its not that I don't trust them like some people, I just have always preferred to do it myself. Now, I will have to take it in because this is just too damn stupid to get to. And now, when I take it in a really am going to question whether or not they change the filter and will have to ask for it back because it is so hard to access I could easily see them saying F this, he'll never know.

    I tried to get to it without taking the wheel off, but gave up and took the damn wheel off for an oil change. You should not have to remove a wheel to change an oil filter. Even then, and up in the air, it is flat out hard to get to (I call Triple BS on everyone here that says it is easy to get to). And forget about hand tight, you can't get your hand in the right spot to turn it.

    Honda engineers should have to work on these things in their home garage. If they did, I don't think this type of crap would happen. Honda really blew it here. Who doesn't love oil splashing everywhere when they remove the filter. I tried the baggie trick, helps a little but there is still oil all over the frame due to such a bad location. I have the same problem with my 2010 Pilot, better access but still splashes everywhere. Speaking of my Pilot, who puts an oil dipstick in a place that you can't get to? Honda, that's who. You actually have to reach around the fan shroud and engine cover to bend the dipstick into the right hole that you can't see. Insane!!!!!!!!!!!!! All they would have had to do is make the dipstick tube 3" longer (or 75 mm if you prefer). I am now thinking it would just be nice if Honda engineers actually drove their own vehicles.

    They really are trying to sabotage us when it comes to keeping the oil clean. If you look at the cute recesses they put for the dipstick handle and oil cap it is impossible to clean these off before removing, which is the fist rule in proper lubrication procedures (keep dirt out). Great idea to make the engine compartment look good but I am more interested in it lasting forever. Contamination in the oil is the number one reason engines go to an early grave. And then they don't even change the oil filter on the first oil change, which is absolutely the most important time to change the filter and get rid of the break in contamination.

    I am done. Thanks for letting me vent. But I have given up on Honda. I think I will go out and find 1979 Mazda RX7 that had the filter sticking up in the engine bay, simple on and off with no mess. Even my stupid BMW 325 with over engineered everything and impossible to reach anything had a filter that could be changed by your average owner.
    By Jeff FlorianLast year