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    Re: Gullible is not in the Dictionary


    by angrylittlegirl



    Zen Hedonist

    Jess! Good to find you here!

    I dig your videos...

    And count me IN the "Church of Jess"!!!
    (there are no circumcisions or ANY of that shit, right?)

    Thanks to you, I found the wonderful sites: &

    Take care

    By Zen Hedonist8 years ago
    some ppl go overboard on ideals, and should share them with each other (w/o bein offensive, more like a casual debate) however cmon this video is WAY too long especially considering the fact your repeating yourself and at some points (especially first 5 minutes) made very lil sense (maybe cause i havent seen your youtube video though) but at same time what do ya expect from the net many fools r around, and with such fools its best to not even respond but to ignore them or they will bring u down to their own stupidity level, now this doesnt count the fact of maybe debating with them for a bit, but once u realize they dont have whats needed to keep up a proper debate w/o being fools its best to drop it with them for the more often u respond the closer to their level u become.
    as for religion ppl think they r being insulted when its just being questioned,partly because of u by using the word "gullible" which is almost like saying "stupid"
    By James8 years ago