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    South Shore in July

    Thomas Gaupp

    by Thomas Gaupp

    episode #145

    Post Date: July 20th, 2007
    3 Locations: Kewalo Basin, Baby Haleiwa & Ala Moana Bowls (Waikiki)

    Time for a quick surf check, today we go to 3 spots with waves that are fun, little and most definitely rippable. There is a Tropical Depression, " Cosme " , south east of the islland passing south of Oahu and the conditions are starting to chang. The winds are whipping and the waves are picking up. But no grey skies here, no sir, these skies are still blue and full of fluffy white clouds. BUT you can sense something big is out there and this blue sky day may soon give way to more clouds and wilder winds. Be sure to scroll down and check out our new feature, the "South Shore Wave Watch" So enjoy this Pau Hana surf session, with the Hawaiian - Calypso - Cubano style music of the Hoppin' Haole Brothers. Songs: "Hoppin' Hula Holiday" Band: The Hoppin' Haole Brothers