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    NS #213 to End The Day!

    Chase Millsap

    by Chase Millsap

    And #213 Intermodal show with NS 9642 & 8783 in the consist, every train we have seen today had a Dash 9-40C in the cinsist, i'm sure this has happened before but never the less, That's what railfanning is all about! No #212 for the second week in a row, UP SD70M leads Intermodal shows for 4 weeks in a row, and still haven't seen any other power like BNSF leading. I hope this Foreign Power continues next week in Salisbury. I will say it again since I didn't go up there this week.
    If anybody cares to have some time on Wednesday the 8th next week. Come up and join me on some railfanning and we'll have some chatting and much more! Contact me here at comments or for those of you who have Yahoo! Groups, contact me there. Now I may stay by myself so we'll have plenty of time to railfan and you guys to keep me company.
    We'll be back at the Hardware Store and hanging out in Belmont in 2 weeks, and
    I'll Catch ya Next Week from The Wye or I might be there if anybody is at Five Row,
    Catch ya Then!!!