Stan Kenton - Leisure Lodge Ontario 1977_3-Body and soul

Rob Janssens

by Rob Janssens

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Stan Kenton - Concert in the Leisure Lodge Ontario 1977 - Body and soul


I'm Bob Doll. The trumpet section for this session is:

Jay Sollenbeger, Chuck Schmidt, Steve Campos, Clay Jenkins, Bob Doll

Dick Shearer, Lloyd Spoon, Denny Brunk, Allen Morrissey, AG Robeson

Michael Bard, Roy Reynolds, Gary Clinton, Alan Yankee, Greg Metcalf,

By abckdoll 7 years ago

I have done some research and found this bandmembers in the period 1976-1977

Dave Kennedy, Joe Casano, Bob Coassin, Bob Doll, Bruce Haag and Tom Baker

Dick Shearer, Mike Egan, Jeff Usitalo, Douglas Purviance, Allen Morrissey, Tom Lacey, Denny Brunk, Roger Homefield and Al Robeson

Bill Fritz, Alan Yankee, Greg Metcalf, Danny Landis, Roy Reynolds, Mike Bard, Skip Layton, Lisa Hittle, Greg Smith and Danny Salmasian

John Wrad and John Worster

Drums and percussion:
Gary Hobbs, Jay Cummings and Ramon Lopez
By Rob Janssens 8 years ago
Hi Rob.....Anyone know the personnel? I recognize Bob Doll on end of Trumpets, Dick Shearer on lead tbn, Roy Reynolds on tnr, Gary Hobbs & John Worster Drums and bass, Ramon Lopez on congas, maybe Dave Kennedy lead tpt....anyone else
By Simon Finch 8 years ago