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    Come out with the Truth Mr. Bush jr. and Mr. Bush sen.


    by christiangeo

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    Crop Circles - What is behind all this?

    By christiangeo8 years ago
    Un jour on saura
    By Anouslesetoiles8 years ago
    The US government denied having had contact with extraterrestrials over the past 60 years. The governments of France and England have recently made public their records and pictures of UFO sightings.
    On the 20th of May 2007 several local Peruvian TV Channels (Canal 4 and ATV, Canal 9) brought a report with pictures that showed a large number of UFOs which were photographed over Lima, Peru at about 12 am on that day. ATV stated that these were the first photos of this kind taken in Peru, as never before had such a large amount of UFOs been sighted.
    The OVNIs (Spanish word for UFOs) were seen in the sky over the capital of Peru for about 30 minutes.
    All UFOs were moving rapidly in various directions, going up then down with incredible speed - as only UFOs seem to be able to do. People on the street were very excited and were shouting and yelling: Look! Do you see it? What is it .....?
    (The inserted clips are photos taken in Mexico, shown by Mexican Television Stations during the years
    By christiangeo8 years ago