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    Funny video of a Silly Dog and a Fire Hydrant

    Steve Watson

    by Steve Watson

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    We will be forwarding you by e-mail a contractual agreement for the use of these images at a later date. Please examine and consider the details of this document, and get back to us as soon as possible with regard to your thoughts.

    I apologize once again for the sudden and rushed nature of this request. Please contact me at any of the following numbers, and do not hesitate to include any questions or comments with regard to the aforementioned plans.

    Thank you so much for your precious time and attention, and we look forward to hearing back from you very soon.

    Sincerely yours,Tsuyoshi

    Tsuyoshi Koizumi
    Fuji Television Network Inc.
    Phone: (03) 5500-8351
    Fax: (03) 5500-8059

    By kawazukun018 years ago

    Within this special, we want to show the clips of “Funny video of a Silly Dog and a Fire Hydrant” as visuals that gained attention and high evaluations this year.

    Accordingly, we need to hear from you, at your earliest convenience, if you are willing to grant your permission for the airing of the “Funny video of a Silly Dog and a Fire Hydrant” images on our program.

    With the deadline for the production and filming of the special drawing near, we are rather pressed for time. We are looking forward to your understanding and assistance in this effort, as we are determined to produce a program truly outstanding in quality – ever more so with the inclusion of the “Funny video of a Silly Dog and a Fire Hydrant” sequence.
    By kawazukun018 years ago
    From Japanese TV program #1

    Dear: ontigio

    Greetings. My name is Tsuyoshi Koizumi of Fuji Television Network Inc. of Tokyo.

    In that communication, I mentioned our desire to use video clips from your “Funny video of a Silly Dog and a Fire Hydrant” in one of the programs that I previously worked on – the title of which translates literally as “Mr. Frog’s Web Search Lifestyle.” As noted, this was an information show that used Internet searches to introduce current hot topics of interest in Japan on the Net.

    After a respectable run, “Mr. Frog’s Web Search Lifestyle” ended last year. Our current plans, however, are to revive the show as a special program to be aired as a single segment. Specifically, this program will be presented as an end-of-the-year special designed to reflect back on the year of 2007.
    By kawazukun018 years ago