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    the raconteurs - steady as she goes


    by aquarius3

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    houdain lemagicien
    jack's a genius
    By houdain lemagicien9 years ago
    they ARE smokin!! yep, i'm familiar with Bolan, he was a genius in his time, right up there with Bowie. I'm always on the look out for some good T.Rex vids.
    you mean he wants to play with someone who can actually PLAY? yes. and I love the Stripes too but it would sound SO much better with a full on band, even if he kept Meg on the skins.
    By aquarius39 years ago
    They were on Austin City Limits recently, but I only caught 3 songs, which were smokin! Jack White is a really talented guy, and he reminds me a lot of a guy from the 1970's named Marc Bolan. He was the singer in a group called T-Rex, and some of you younger fans might enjoy this group.
    In regards to a White Stripes re-union, I think playing with Meg might be limiting for Jack. It must be quite a burden to play, sing, and write, and share the bill with a cute as hell, but only so so drummer. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the White Stripes, and Meg, but Jack seems like he wants to stretch out.
    By chuckdee9 years ago
    Super live !!Vive les Raconteurs!
    By Urahara9 years ago
    of course he will! each is different, I like both equally.
    By aquarius39 years ago
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