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    Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Review


    by FMVGuy

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    Jay Negron
    Yo brother you look like John Candy from Planes trains and automobiles.
    By the way about the game.
    During Christmas i was at wal-mart trying to figure out what should i get Web of SHadows or Spiderman 3. I got spiderman 3 only because the cover appealed to me. You know marketing strategy. I though Web of Shadows would be some kiddie game? But i ended up getting SPiderman 3 and it was fun up until Kingpin.
    Is Web of Shadows better, cause i saw the trailer, its hot. Oh and then I saw this volleyball game, and i like DOA4, and i wanted to get this game too instead of spiderman, but i flipped a coin, and i ended up gettin spiderman 3
    By Jay Negron7 years ago