RAW August 17 1998 - Part 6


by KieranA91

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The music at the end was really unneeded
By 7HUNTER7 3 years ago
Hey kieran A91 thanks for uploading the eppisode of raw on august. That was coll when kane dresses as the undertaker
By Justin Prasad 8 years ago
OMFG ARE YOU SERIOUS, AVS? I WATCHED MY VERY FIRST GAME JERSEY AVS IN GAME 1 STANLEY CUP FINALS, EVER SINCE MY FAV TEAM WAS THE AVS, lol thats fuckin WEIRD Joe Sakic is my fav player EVER, lol what are the odds of that? do you play hockey im in bantam AAA now so... do you actually play hockey? lol
By someone 8 years ago
yo kierana91, FOR SURE WWE is deleting WWE content because of ratings now put EVERY FULL EVENT U HAVE AND especially home vids as PRIVATE and upload them leave public for bout a week then private, REALLY i know now... sorry, but man do it... so we can watch without getting removed you know, this time its FOR SURE
By someone 8 years ago