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    Nada 2


    by LethbridgeStuart

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    LULZ "I'm rick james bitch" XD
    By cmax2023458 years ago
    I love how every one of the trap's solutions is either BLATANTLY obvious, or could be easily solved by someone who wasn't a thief. Like how the blades would stop due to friction as the commentary points out. Then there's the fact that fire is actually a very inefficient way of harming someone, they just have to move through it quickly. The biggest danger in the fire room is the damn flames using up all the oxygen. And the lowering spikes with the built in timer is just stupid, as soon as you see a timer assessing something like "when you'll die", and know that conditions like, say... HEIGHT could throw off that time completely, that a pretty good clue that IT'S THERE FOR SOMETHING ELSE.
    P.S. If that was MY maze, the last room would SO have started filling with something as soon as you took the gem, just as a last great big "screw you smartass". Something like water or sand, or better yet BOTH. And some poison of course. Hmm, Poisonous mud... Yep, that is SO going in my next game.
    By astrolounge8 years ago
    By garsideffxi9 years ago