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*** WARNING : 60's GEAR JUNKIES AREA ************************** ( Nethertheless Respect for ALL reissues & very best regards for their users !!... )

( N.B: featured out of era, a Vox 'Gold Limited Edition' upgraded by 'Area51' .)

* * Jimi HENDRIX Tribute - Original 60's MEMORIAL GEAR AREA -* * Featuring:

** Late 60's/early 70's rare OCTAVIA ROGER MAYER with a Photocell switch.

** Various late 60's 'FUZZ FACE -DALLAS ARBITER-ENGLAND' from the beginning with NKT 275, BC109C.. chips.( Some are waiting for any fixing time)

** Original 'UNI VIBE' dead mint, Dunlop-Shinei.

** CLYDE MC COY ( script logo ) & V846 Italy Wah's from late sixties.

** 60/70's Stratocasters from era.

** 69 'Plexi' Marshall featured in one of my videos.
---------------------------------------- --------------------------

* JIMI * setting preference = Wah + Fuzz Face or Octavia + Uni Vibe + Marshall

---------------------------------------- -------------------

* Check some of my videos to hear the sound ..Hope you enjoy and Glory Forever for Our Master & Hero , JIMI !!.* * *

6 commentaires

ben c'est keske je dis lol
Par cybercandyman il y a 6 ans
You got too much f*cking money dude....what a freakin waste
Par MickeyMouse007 il y a 7 ans
hendrix gauché qui joue sur des guitares de droitier, il était balaize ce mec :x
Par cybercandyman il y a 7 ans
Top le matos qu'utilisait Hendrix. Tres interressant ,Merci!
Par V comme Vendetta il y a 7 ans
Sa doit pas etre donée tous sa didonc
Par Chris il y a 7 ans
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